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  1. Questionable motives? Why is it questionable to want to put an end to the support of military dictatorships that are unpopular in their own countries?

    1. If you think Egypt’s military is unpopular with the people, then you don’t know Egypt and you have not been paying any attention to what has been going on there the past few weeks.

      1. Well, it certainly wan’t that popular the last time I was there. (There were tanks parked in front of Mubarak’s residence.) And I see no evidence that there is much of an improvement.

  2. chris whited

    Should have just left mubarik in place. Now look they backed a group with no intention of keeping democracy, while they consolidated power for themselves. If actual fence sitters do not stand up over there the more radical elements willing to use all means…..all means will continue to subvert and run over them. But that is what you get with folks that just don’t get it, and think merely “protesting” against determined people gets you.

  3. chris whited

    As I have always said,…….no bailouts for states or cities, across the board.

    P.s. the anti semite thing is just a low blow by someone that is just ignorant to the fact that many, who speak of TWO WARS TWO WARS FOREIGN AID AND EVIL ISREAL, hate libertarian economic ideas…..hate them with a passion. Thus are not actual libertarians.

    Like most liberal infiltrations, foreign policy, is merely machinations to achieve an end. Ask the pretenders what they think of free markets and capitalism……then bring up specifics issues, based on market principles. You MIGHT get a quick response. That’s how you spot the phonies. Because they do not believe in capitalism, free markets and smaller government (until they get the advantage and control government). Go after the sacred cows of socialism, and you can’t miss the half hearted lies, if the even give the attempt

  4. chris whited

    Didn’t finish second to last comment……”gets you somewhere”

  5. Benjamin Cole

    Why would we want influence in Egypt? Boy, that will be a rabbit-hole. Including in the Sinai?

    You are looking at a nation in meltdown. Syria too.

    Why does the USA have to get involved in every nation on earth? Can we keep a short-list of nations not “vital” or “crucial” Perhaps Suriname or Upper Volta (yes, I know the name changed, but I like the old name)>

    Meanwhile, we are supposed to “do something” and spend money in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Jordan, (who did I forget) just in the Mideast and Central Asia region.

    Really, let Egypt be Egypt. What have we gained for all the billions of dollars we have sent there so far? A collapsed nation-state? Where rising Islam hates the USA?

    Aren’t you glad we dumped $2 trillion into Iraq? Where they are doing the buddy-buddy thing with Iran?

    1. Really, let Egypt be Egypt. What have we gained for all the billions of dollars we have sent there so far? A collapsed nation-state? Where rising Islam hates the USA?

      The GOP senators showed themselves to be total idiots and helped Obama yet again. Instead of voting to follow the law and cutting off aid they talked about ‘leverage’ as if it were real or meant something. The trouble is that the US has already given Egypt more than $70 billion in aid without seeing anything positive. We can’t argue that the US aid is protecting Israel because countries like Syria, which has received no aid, has been at peace with Israel for as long as Egypt has. The Israelis are protected by their military strength, not American aid to its enemies.

      There is also the fact that without deciding to cut spending the GOP is playing into the hands of Democrats. There is no will to cut anything and no rational adults to make hard decisions when they have to be made. Perhaps it is time for fiscal conservatives and libertarians to abandon the GOP and let it die as its predecessors did.

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