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  1. “For-Profit” and education DO NOT mix! A for-profit company’s #1 priority is, what? Making profit – DUH! I don’t want MY tax dollars that SHOULD be used to educate America’s future leaders, entrepreneurs, and workforce going into the pockets of investors. Government should HIRE the people with the innovative new ideas concerning education and let them reorganize our educational systems. But the goal of any tax-payer supported educational institution should be educating its students NOT returning profit to its investors. Short-term cost savings measures can increase profit but cause long-term harm to a generation of students (harm that may not be apparent for a decade or more). Why can’t EVERYONE see those two goals conflict?

    1. the.truth.ferret

      I agree! You CANNOT compare community colleges or state universities to the for-profit scam schools. For-profits receive up to 99% of their total income from governmental sources whereas the real colleges do not. The for-profits are not even providing any type of a good education either, this has been proven over and over again. All the for-profits need to be SHUT DOWN so they can no longer continue to ruin students’ lives and fleece U.S. taxpayers.

  2. One of the things that the article does not mention about “non-profit” companies (including government-run schools) is that left over money that would be classed as “profit” (net remainder after expenses) is simply SPENT one way or another. Um, redecorate the lobby, pass out bonuses, fund a BIGGER funding raising campaign. The LAST thing a “non-profit” business (e.g., school) does is reduce expenses. Or improve its products.

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