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  1. James M. Kearns

    Not surprising that Washington DC is the place where bidding doubled the sales price. DC is where the money is but unlike North Dakota Washington Dc produces nothing.

  2. PeakTrader

    Yet, it looks like the last quarter of the year is weak:

    Small Business Index in U.S. Plunges to Almost 3-Year Low
    Dec 11, 2012

    “The National Federation of Independent Business’s optimism index decreased 5.6 points to 87.5, the lowest reading since March 2010, from 93.1 in October. It was the biggest drop in monthly records going back to 1986 as eight of the measure’s 10 components fell.

    Last month’s drop exceeded the 5.4-point decrease seen in October 2008 in the aftermath of the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., and the 5.2-point fall in September 2001 following the terrorist attacks in the U.S.

    The election “created much uncertainty among business owners as to the future direction of economic policy and the economy,” William Dunkelberg, the group’s chief economist, said in a statement. “Apparently, the level of uncertainty was not resolved in a way that was supportive of many small business owners.” The survey showed superstorm Sandy had little influence on the index.”

  3. In large part, low interest rates and escalating rents are driving the demand..We definitely saw many more properties held as REOs sold in bulk to investors in smaller pools than previously.

  4. Hidden Housing Subsidy:

    LPS just released their “First Look” Mortgage Report for November. 5,350,000 households (total of 30+ day delinquent plus actual foreclosures) are receiving free housing subsidy today. Out of the 5 plus million, only 1.7 million are actually in foreclosure, the rest still have many months of free housing ahead.

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