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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. …and the NeoCon “beat” goes on… “boots on the ground, boots on the ground”… let’s turn even more of our kids into Middle East cannon fodder…. for the “cause”.

  2. Where in her post is anything that contains, explicitly or implicitly, the words ‘boots on the ground’?

    Your knee-jerk reflex and/or attempt at what you consider wit dooms your comment to be ignored by anyone with an open mind.

  3. But the Middle East is on fire, and the $64,000 question is could we have done something about it.

    Yes you could have done something about it. You could have stopped funding dictators and meddling in domestic affairs of other countries. You could stop giving al Qaeda weapons and stop funding other terror groups in the region just because they oppose a government that you do not like. George Washington was right; have commercial relations with all but binding alliances with none. A lot fewer people would have died and a lot less capital would have been destroyed.

  4. Jon Carroll

    What’s the story behind this image? It’s very obvious that gasoline has been poured around our actors here to highlight them. Stagecraft at its hokey-est.

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