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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. Christopher

    I’m a lifelong civilian, but my understanding of this fight is that the key phrase in the petition is “rank above a medal that involves a soldier being in the line of fire on the ground.” There’s no argument that those who “serve in other ways” shouldn’t be recognized, it’s that that recognition should not be considered superior to one that requires putting your life on the line.

  2. Hanno Phoenicia

    “Drone warriors”? Medals? For playing video games in complete comfort and safety? Just the thing to destroy what’s left of troop morale.

  3. thiessen bro, you’re a tool.

    you can’t see why a medal for a drone pilot should rank above the Bronze Star with valor?

    how about one actually involves the risk of dying?

  4. It is hard to see how it is an injustice to those who served and risked their lives to recognize the important military achievements of those who serve in other ways.

    Really? There are men and women on the line risking their lives and trying hard to distinguish between possible and legitimate threats. Then there are the video players who shoot missiles at wedding parties and funerals because some software package thinks that one of the people there looks a little like a terrorist. They should go to jail for murder, not be given medals.

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