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  1. yet they won’t regulate the POISONS from Monsanto!

    1. I can’t decide if this is sarcasm or an actual example of stunning stupidity.

      1. JuniataKid

        And why won’t they regulate cable TV channel numbers? They’re all different from one city to the next. Takes forever to find the Discovery Channel when I travel for business.

        1. juandos

          Takes forever to find the Discovery Channel when I travel for business“…

          You can get a local channel guide for cable/dish via the internet – you just need to find out what service is feeding the hotel/motel you’re staying at…

        2. I don’t know where you stay when you travel on business, but I can’t recall the last time the TV in my room didn’t provide a channel guide.

    2. Jon Murphy

      Dude, the government is in cohoots with Monsanto! Monsanto puts chemicals in jet fuel. That creates the “contrails” that come from jets. The poison works its way into the ground so only Monsanto seeds can grow.

      Check it out, man!

      1. Methinks

        Chemtrails! Some chick who used to be in the military just blew the whistle or accidentally told the truth or something. It’s true. I saw it on Facebook. The idea is for the government to use chemtrails to douse the earth with chemicals so that normal seeds won’t grow – only the Monsanto Evil GMO Seed will. Huge profits for Monsanto while everyone else (including the people working for Monsanto) die of cancer (100% curable and preventable with kale and meditation, but that’s a closely-guarded secret kept from us by Western Medicine and particularly the Cancer Industry that just ripped Angelina Jolie’s perfectly healthy breasts right out of her body using their scare tactics).

        We need the government to do something about the government! And we need it now!

        1. Proof that brainwashing works.

        2. juandos

          Some chick who used to be in the military just blew the whistle or accidentally told the truth or something“….

          This mad chick Kristen Meghan methinks?…☺

      2. Nice link, Jon. Alex Jones is always good for a laugh.

        Organic farming looks to be a baptist/bootlegger of a very malevolent kind. Many well meaning baptists who are woefully ignorant of what “organic” farming actually means. They combine with the very misanthropic “environmentalists” who understand very clearly that “organic” farming means mass starvation, greater outbreaks of e. coli, and a general decrease in the human population, the ultimate goal of environmentalists.

        1. Jon Murphy

          the funny thing, Ken, is Methinks and I were just talking about this stuff yesterday. This was just perfect!

          Glad I could get a laugh.

      3. Thanks for the link, Jon. I couldn’t finish reading it.

  2. terrence

    As just said on maggies farm, “The challenge for bureaucrats everywhere is to justify their existence and their jobs and their pensions by creating rules for others.”

    The Feds are REALLY good at creating rules for others – ya gotta give em credit. Disapprove, OF course, and use it as reason to MASSIVELY reduce the federal bureaucracy (if not eleiminate it).

  3. JuniataKid

    This, plus the IRS scandal, plus the DOJ going after the AP and FOX, plus the Affordable Care Act chaos… this might be the easiest time in history to run political campaigns against big government.

  4. mesa econoguy

    According to leftards, this has nothing to do with the worst recovery on record, and regulation creates jobs.


    1. morganovich

      of course it does.

      how else could you get a job for $210k a year as an elevator operator?

      1. mesa econoguy

        LOL, or a $500,000 Krugmanite glazier…

        Masters of central planning misallocation.

  5. Benjamin Cole

    The typical family bears $14,768 in regulatory costs and then sends a check for $12,000 to the $1 trillion-a-year Defense-VA-Homeland Security complex.

    Maybe time to scale back the federal government?

    Oh, maybe…..

  6. Citizen Buddy

    And, from the Heritage Foundation:

    Red Tape Rising, Regulation in Obama’s First Term.


  7. George Johnson

    Only those regulations which are substantive (see Chrysler v. Brown, 441 U.S. 281 (1979)) have the force and effect of law. For a regulation to be substantive, it must comply with requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act (codified at Title 5 USC) and publishing requirements of the Federal Register Act. Very few, if any, regulations are substantive.

  8. juandos

    Geez! I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to explain the rising costs of doing business thanks to the 10,000 Comandments

  9. Skeptic

    I assume the majority of comments above are parodies. If not – – OMG!!!
    We pay 546 federal politicians and unknown thousands of bureaucrats and state, county, city, etc. “officials” pretty good money to create rules, regulations, laws and such for the rest of us; they will, by gosh and by golly, fulfill their jobs! So, the next time _you_ are tempted to whine about an excess of regulations, ask yourself “Have I ever written to my favorite pol and _demanded_ ‘there oughta be a law'”?

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