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  1. He DID put a grand bargain on the table and the GOP walked away from it.

    And when he CUT Medicare by 800 billion – Romney and company demagogued it and said they would not cut Medicare.

    There have been AMPLE opportunities for the GOP to put forth THEIR version of entitlement cuts but they are gutless wonders.

    They will not stand up for their principles. If they did – they would come honestly and courageously present their plan and put the onus on the POTUS to match it
    or present something competitive.

    The GOP has played this game for 12 years.

    they are feckless.

    You KNOW things are bad when the GOP says we need to make cuts but they want the SCOTUS to do it.

  2. Larry has forgotten that Obama replaced the the so-called Medicare cut with new ObamaCare spending. The Net Increase is so large it is presently incalculable and growing with each new regulation written.

    But we must keep in mind that Zero loves his seniors.

    1. this was true all along, right? we knew this BEFORE the election, right?

      1. No, Larry, it wasn’t. Your fairy tale about Obama is nothing but that – a fairy tale. Obama can’t bring himself to stop spending and he can’t bring himself to negotiate seriously.

  3. Todd Mason

    I believe it was the Rs who said, in effect, every time the debt ceiling loomed, “Nice economy you got there, Hate to see anything happen to it.”

    The issue on the table is how the Rs suck it up and raise taxes, plus give up their ability of take hostages. Entitlements are best addressed in bills presented and debated in Congress the regular way.

    1. THe current kerfuffle is comical.

      it goes like this:

      The GOP weenies don’t like what Obama has proposed. They have all kind of pejorative editorial comments about it.

      but get this:

      the GOP does not want to come back with their own counter-proposal to address taxes, spending, entitlements.

      No siree – Obama has to come back with a proposal that is more to what the GOP wants.

      you know – this is totally bizarre but it also totally explains how the GOP has been operating the last 4 years.

      this is nutty. It must be genetic with the GOP weenies.

      1. No Larry. The GOP already came back with counter-proposals. The Obamacrats are the ones fighting to prevent real reform.

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