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Discussion: (5 comments)

  1. EngineerScotty

    The interesting thing about the Orr post, picked up by RedState (and other sources), is that it’s from FOUR YEARS AGO. It was written after Romney essentially conceded the GOP nomination to John McCain.

    That it’s still relevant today shows that Mitt hasn’t learned a damn thing.

  2. TheSteelGeneral

    ow are “crushing this emerging meme before it spreads any further” exactly? You aren’t. Cos its a brilliant observation. And correct. you’re lying or stupid about Batman too.

  3. TheSteelGeneral

    Okay, let me clarify.
    I didn’t know the Orr post was that old, and I thought the second quote was your own.

    Having said that, the Orr post remains an astute, brilliant observation, and the other one really dumb. It’s from that site, EverhtingToo, which is a place for arrogant would be writers, who still think that reverse psychology works cos it’s so annoyingly wrong. Well, CLEVER reverse psychology might …

  4. All I’m getting from this is that Mitt Romney = Superman which makes me want to vote Romney in even more… ^^

  5. OK, so which one is Orr’s partisan mask: 2008 version (Mitt is cultured and–lol–”cosmopolitan”) or 2012 (war-on-women bully/wimp giving factory workers’ wives cancer)? I guess it all depends on that year’s exigencies.

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