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  1. not this guy, eh? That would be sheer hypocrisy, eh?

    ” My fellow Americans:

    This afternoon I’d like to spend a few moments discussing a decision I made this week, a major decision that’s likely to affect virtually every family in America. Our administration will propose to Congress a comprehensive plan to cover catastrophic illnesses.”
    ” In brief, this is how the proposals break down: First, we’re asking Congress to legislate acute catastrophic illness insurance for Medicare beneficiaries, most of whom are 65 and over. Under this proposal, Medicare itself would be amended to provide unlimited Medicare coverage. Moreover, our proposal would establish a limit of just $2,000 for out-of-pocket Medicare expenses that can presently run into the many thousands. ”

    Radio Address to the Nation on Proposed Catastrophic Health Insurance Legislation
    February 14, 1987

    1. Citizen B.

      President Reagan’s proposal was later enacted but repealed only one year after that.

      So why was it repealed? Because in the words of Reagan it was a “pay-as-you go program” and paid for by the elderly.

  2. Walt Greenway

    Hypocrisy? Richard Nixon is the only former President that turned down any of the benefits under the Former Presidents Act (FPA) of 1958 (and that was just Secret Service protection). Could the FPA and other programs be called socialized medicine or does that term only apply to citizens who cannot afford health care having it paid for them?

    “Medical Expenses. Former Presidents and their spouses, widows, and minor children are entitled to treatment in military hospitals because of their status as secretarial designees.”

    1. Walt Greenway

      That’s what happens when you put the / on the wrong side of the i in the HTML tag (see above) :)

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