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  1. Mzungu writes

    Surprise is just about all a weaker nation has but his response better be a good one. Their stratagem is very common. The Chinese defined it as “Hiding a knife behind a smile.” Charm and ingratiate yourself to your enemy. When you have gained his trust, move against him in secret.

    They aren’t really that good if a janitor can figure it out. It is like their infatuation with 70 virgins, they don’t think ahead. After “Day 2″ of eternity what then? All virgins gone!

    Okay they have 1 atomic bomb. Let’s suppose we even shipped it to them and taught them how to use it! They load up a VW Peace bus full of prayer rugs and The Bomb and detonate it in Maryland thinking that’s close enough. Like sex they have shot their ammo and we say “enough is enough” and launch 5 ballistic missiles with no recall code taking out the entire Islamic economy and precious religious sites. A thousand nuclear devices still left at ready throughout the world. See? They aren’t smart.

  2. Dalan C.B.N Dalan

    This war of words between America and Iran is taking longer than necessary, and this is sending a clear message to other rogue states around the world that America and its leadership is weak. America needs to correct its mistake of the past to maintain its superiority, and once again win the confidence of countries around the world.

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