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  1. All very well said. Combine the scandal of dollar debasement as a reelection strategy and you’ll have the complete picture.

  2. Todd Mason

    Congrats on selecting sourcing. Here is Pew saying O’s 51 percent approval rate contrasts with the Congressional R’s 22 percent — lowest in 20 years. So at least Boehner knows how to destroy faith in the federal govt.

    Here is Pew on Benghazi: Not so Drudgeriffic eh?

    And the Economist says repeatedly that Cameron’s love affair with Swedish governance overlooks the fact that Swedish politicians look for compromise while Anglo Saxon politicians look for a bigger club.

    And here is what the US branch of Transparency Intl said about ranking 19th: “Numerous articles and editorials during the recent U.S. election s attest to
    American concern regarding opaque campaign financing and a political culture driven by special interest groups.”

    IRS targetting sucks. So does going after reporters’ phone records. But the problem is congress, which remains the finest legislative body money can buy.

  3. But a lot of that dissatisfaction with government is surely dissatisfaction with the Republican Party. Obama’s approval ratings are over 50% (though that may change) and the numbers for Republicans are just hideous.

  4. MacDaddyWatch

    The enemy within might sit in our Oval Office, but the biggest single threat to America are the morons who actually voted to empower this lying, totalitarian tyrant.

    There is little hope of monopoly power and control ever becoming the servant of the people, any people. And now the empowering imbeciles are finally getting the full treatment for what they voted–they too have become targets for dictatorial punishment. Let’s pray that it hurts this crowd the very most.

    1. God, it must make you so angry that at every turn you are shown to be wrong. Overwhelmingly and repeatedly outside your conservative bubble, it’s been proven that most Americans think your brand of Republican fear-mongering is nonsensical. But, you carry on ranting about “dictatorship in America” and we’ll keep winning elections.

      1. LibSick

        Do you have to take the Lord’s name in vain in your ‘reply’?
        And yet, we are not wrong. We are right but the wool has been pulled over the eyes of the likes of you.
        You are so blinded that you cannot see the destruction all around you.

  5. jay hoenemeyer

    It’s the Campanis Principle , writ large .

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