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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. Dim bulb Rubio is done! This is not Immi Reform it is AMNESTY and it is illegal and unconstitutional. Whoever votes to pass this bill must be extremely punished !

  2. bobbymike34

    Moral case? Moral to waive criminal sanctions that Americans citizens possibly would face years of jail time? That is moral? Hardly, a moral case for immigration would really mean we went to poor, war torn countries and said we will take everyone affected by poverty and war.

    Moral would also mean the US is somehow exploiting people that came VOLUNTARILY which logically is not possible. Illegals came here on their own, why the US somehow now ‘owes’ anything to people who broke our immigration laws, our document/ID laws and tax laws is beyond me.

  3. Jack Little

    I believe all poloticians are crooks, and the media goes
    along with them just to make a buck.

  4. What most people don’t realize, including Congress, that Obama made promises to the Mexican government and the Mexican Cartels BEFORE he was elected and he has made good on his promises without telling the whole TRUTH keeping the borders open, no illegal prosecution,sanctuary for illegals, ignoring laws etc., aiding and abetting rewards for illegals with food stamps,houseing,education etc. I could go on and on !

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