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  1. This is, indeed, an interesting question. And I find myself torn on this issue.

    On one hand, I oppose just opening our borders and allowing everyone and their brother in. On the other hand, I believe we need “selective” immigration in this way.

    I find this less offensive because of the dire straights our current educational system. The U.S. absolutely HAS to have top minds at work if we’re going to compete and survive in the global economy. However, our mediocre (at best) school system is failing miserably to produce grads that can keep up.

    Sorry folks, I see this one as a necessary evil.

    1. You don’t know legal immigration is highly selective?

      … Because it is.

      1. Yes, it is … and I believe it should be given the times we live in and the state of our economy. Many countries have tough immigration requirements. Australia, for one example, screens folks based on their professional skills and potential as well. It’s a way to help protect job opportunities for their own native citizens.

        It’s a fact of life.

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