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  1. Robert puharic

    Boy the right wing nailed this. The commie in the White House is terrible for business.

    You guys really called this one!

    1. morganovich

      so, i’m curious robert, what exactly do you get out of this sort of dishonest trolling?

      i mean, does it have some purpose or do you just like being ignorant and antagonistic?

      imagine how big this boom would be if we had a president that supported drilling on federal land and offshore instead of throttling it.

    2. Detroit declared the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history on Obama’s watch. That’s all on him too. Right, Science Boy?

  2. Drunkenson


    Drill,baby, drill.

    Wasn’t that some right winger?

    You might say “she called it”

  3. GW Bush was a visionary. He increased funding for basic research for exactly this type of technology. Since such technology takes about 10 years to have a real market impact, we see the benefits now.

    This is happening because of GWB, and IN SPITE of Obama….

    Unfortunate… each President usually sees conditions happen based on who was the President 10 years prior.

    That is why it is essential for the next President to be Hillary Clinton. She will singlehandedly take down the myths that both Bill Clinton and BHO were good Presidents, as all sorts of bad results will happen on her watch (due to Obama’s actions), which will simultaneously destroy the myth that Bill Clinton knows what works…

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