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  1. Communal Indian

    Indeed Mr Siddiqui did a stellar job, although, the photoshopping was of such poor quality that one is unable to comprehend how those images could pass muster. Photoshopping has been a common technique in the Islamic world, put to effective use in the Palestine conflict.

    These particular images had been making rounds in the Indian social media circuit at least since late July. All this was pointed out to many media persons. Sadly, they did not think it was important enough to run stories on it. Eventually it would lead to massive rioting, arson and death across at least a dozen Indian metros and force up to 50,000 people to flee from those cities out of fear and anxiety – albeit temporarily.

    The problem isn’t just a bumbling Government and its fumbling institutions that has even done a pretty botched up job of blocking content, but there is something wrong in the entire opinion industry in India. But then again, US networks ran fake Palestine photographs – so perhaps this is endemic.

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