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  1. Todd Mason

    Earthlink promised to target nonconsumers when it offered to Philadephia in 2004 free Wifi access to poor residents in exchange for the city’s franchise. Earthlink crapped out in 2008 and the city declined to take over the 75-percent completed system. A venture firm targeting institutional customers stepped in instead.
    Did I mention that Comcast is based in Philadelphia? Or that Texas (the home of AT&T Inc.) requires cities to register as utilities and wait for two years before offering ISP services?
    The point being that bureaucratic resistance is Sunday School compared to the well-financed entrenched corporate kind.

  2. Well since venture socialism worked ever so well in the renewable energy game why not waste more extorted private sector wealth on the public education scam?

  3. Todd Mason

    I swear Juandos. One day you’re going to link to a comic book.

    1. Gee todd was the material a little to dense for you to comprehend?

      I have a comic book for you: Friedrich A. Hayek’s The Road To Serfdom originally published in Look magazine…

  4. AEI’s Rick Hess and Andrew Kelly point out that on the K-12 level, the federal government “has enjoyed real success in ensuring constitutional protections, using the bully pulpit to spotlight national education priorities, offering states incentives to implement bright-line policy, and fostering greater transparency.” One area where government hasn’t done so well is promoting innovation.

    What a bunch of nonsense. The federal government has lost its battle to improve education because its very presence in the regulatory field limits the type of innovation that comes from the free market. What I find interesting is the fact that AEI commentators are such huge fans of central planning even as they attack the left for doing the same thing.

  5. Stop testing kids so much,and pressuring them to pass a one size fits all nationwide standard test.Get back to the basics like this great nation used to be .In 1970 the US had the highest profiency results in math English & science in the world,what happened?

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