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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. Youthful Realist

    Support for the constitution in this day and age makes you a traitor indeed.

  2. Ali Bertarian

    It isn’t enough to just ask “how credible is Snowden’s claim?” I want to know if Snowden is more believable than the NSA. When Sen. Wyden asked NSA director Clapper “does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” Clapper responded “Not wittingly.”

    I am not aware of what, exactly, constitutes “all the massive amount of classified material” that was released by Snowden to the whole world, other than the fact that the NSA has the communications records of hundreds of millions of Americans. What else did Snowden reveal for which he was not morally or legally justified?

    If you think that the collection of these private communications records — see my Verizon Privacy Agreement for proof that it is private – is not a violation of the Fourth Amendment, then show me the FISA court-issued warrant that specifically mentions my name and the probable cause for the government to suspect all Americans of being terrorists, as required by the Fourth Amendment.

    Anyone who wonders why Snowden left the country should find out what happened to NSA officers Thomas Drake, William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe when they tried to blow the whistle at

    If Snowden did nothing more than reveal to the world that the government routinely ignores and violates the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, then he was morally and legally justified in doing so. In fact, since he took an oath in allegiance to the Constitution, he was morally and legally required to tell the whole world.

  3. Joe Bannister

    An NSA subcontractor had access to vital information? And most of the NSA budget now goes to contractors?
    How many Snowdens are out there, but dumping data for profit and thus not revealing themselves?

  4. Joe Bannister

    And sadly I have to agree with sentiments of an earlier commentator: Snowden is lying, or the NSA? Who knows?

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