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  1. MacDaddyWatch

    Vlad totally underwhelmed by our AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Oval Office pretender.

  2. Putin is a political realist. Obama is a dreamer and wimp. Putin sees through Obama’s rhetoric and concludes Obama is nothing more than a gas-bag who really doesn’t believe in most of what he says are core beliefs since Obama isn’t grounded and has no spine. Consequently, Putin toys with Obama like a cat with a mouse. Further, Obama and his team are in over their heads and have no idea how to deal with someone like Putin who respects power, political shrewdness and a man who knows how the world really works. Putin may be perceived as a dictator; but Putin is everything Obama wishes he could be since Obama would like the level of unbridled power that Putin has. The difference however rests in the fact that Putin knows who he is, what he wants, and where he wants to take Russia going forward. Obama hasn’t a clue where he’s going and even if he did, doesn’t have the will or spine to get there. Our country is at great risk politically, economically, culturally and socially as long as Obama is President. Likewise, our country is at risk with low information voters who continue to elect someone with no work experience like Obama. Our media is also problematic since they are nothing less than Obama’s stenographer. We are going to continue to lose global power and standing as long as this President remains in office. God help us.

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