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  1. No. What stinks about Social Security is that it is a Ponzi scheme – but one in which the government FORCES me to participate. To get ripped off by Madoff or Nadel, you had to decide to give them your money. The federal government just TAKES your money for social security.

    Look at the percentage of federal spending comprised of social security and medicare. It’s ridiculous.

    Social Security should be phased out starting immediately. Right now, it should be means-tested. The means-testing limits should increase in stringency inversely with age – so that younger Americans should expect to face more stringent means testing for receipt of benefits than older Americans. Americans currently younger than 35 should be ineligible for social security in their own old age. It should end. Same thing for medicare. Shut them both down.

    People can rely on themselves. The more they do so, the better off they will be as a general trend. If a person intends to retire in their old age, then let them prepare for it themselves.

  2. Social security SHOULD NOT be ran by the government. Social security was only meant to be a temporary assistance for the great depression. Then the American people became lazy and dependent on security was then not taken out, which is where the government went completely wrong. From then on president used social security benefits to help them through elections. The American people have been trapped in a vicious circle!

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