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  1. If the Conservatives think we have a spending problem WHERE the hell are their proposed cuts?

    these guys are feckless. Who in the world advocates cuts and then says the other guy has to name them?

    We are 16 trillion in Debt and the Conservatives simply do not want to be responsible and pay it off.

    what kinds of losers help create the debt under Bush and now don’t want to pay for it?

    1. Conservatives have plenty of ideas. You must be talking about Republicans (particularly House GOP leadership). In which case, I agree with you.

      1. @Greg – touche! Yes…when the GOP had real fiscal conservatives in their ranks instead of the feckless impostors who now inhabit their ranks – I was much more inclined to vote for them.

        A principled fiscal conservative who believes reforms need to be made to entitlements SHARES his ideas .. PROMOTES his ideas instead of calling for others to offer cuts.

        The GOP is a bunch of unprincipled louts these days.

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