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  1. You know … ALL of DOD to INCLUDE the military AND civilian – AND Congress, the Administration, the Supreme Court, Postal Service, etc, millions of employers utilize de-facto “exchanges” … that
    extend across the country – in every state …. and many overseas.

    now the question is what do the states do about this?

    do they enable it or oppose it or stay out of the way?

    the point here is that there are already insurance companies that provide the equivalent of “exchanges” – the infrastructure for doing that – already exists.

    it’s not exactly reinventing the wheel.

    It will not be surprising that many of the companies that already offer insurance to Federal/Postal folks may well also participate in these “new” exchanges.

  2. Given the failure of this program in MA, it seems more likely Obamacare crashes of its own inept weight.

  3. Obama, Democrats, and freeloaders have succeeded in bringing down freedom of enterprise. They will continue to breed chaos and instability for their advantage. The Constitution provides for forming a new form of government if this one ceases to protect individual liberties and individual property rights. Well we are there government at levels is intruding inordinantly
    upon our lives. It is time to stop it. This government to quote Evan Bayh, “is diysfunctional.”

  4. We have been headed for a single-payer system for 50 years… Medicare-for-All if you will. That might be fine if Medicare wasn’t running up trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities. When that was too difficult to pass, The Affordable Care Act was designed to create the crisis to make that happen. It doesn’t matter who runs the Exchanges, the impact will be the same. They will remove market forces from this sector of the economy and there will be a short period of euphoria. In this case, people will get all the health care they want for a while. They won’t have to care about costs. But then costs will spin out of control, and the market will experience chaos, until government control and rationing becomes the only “solution.”

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