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  1. John Hayes

    The core cadre responsible for organizing and coordinating all of this is just one jump over the Bolivarian Continental Coordinator, which Maduro, as Foreign Minister used as his travel agency and mouthpiece. The true impetus comes from Maduro’s Cuban Bosses: Valdes, Raul Castro, and Rodriguez. While he was still energetic and totally engaged, Fidel Castro forged the alliances with Jihadists, gave them a refuge in Cuba. This is well evidenced by insiders and exiles. The formula jihadist + Venezuelan uranium + Venezuelan diamonds gold and tantalite = X for targets between 3.5 and 6 civilian airspeed hours should give pause to even the most smug of the ignore Latin America crowd. Put Cuba’s weaponised chem and bio stocks in the picture, add Achmedinajad’s punk comments regarding humbling the US and its’ bases…perhaps this sets the context?

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