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Discussion: (14 comments)

  1. A central plan for everything. Welcome to America 2.0.

    1. What’s even better is the punchline to all this planning, the government agencies doing the planning don’t always tell us about it

      1. But Obama promised transparency, so I’m sure this GAO report is wrong.

        1. But Obama promised transparency, so I’m sure this GAO report is wrong“…

          You’re right ron, I forgot about how this particular bailout was part of the national discussion…

  2. Its Gsatt

    Yeah because this country isn’t actually a reflection of itself………
    And this whole gender imbalance of bachelors degrees?? BIG WHOOP. Women don’t always have the opportunity to take advantage of the well paying physical labor jobs It only makes sense that they would become specialized with a degree.

    Whats next, fighting for 1:1 ratios of male/female auto mechanics?

  3. Dan in Philly

    Men don’t look to papa gov’ment for help, they make their own opportunities. Judging from how much many women seem inclined to look for someone else for help, I’d say some stereotypes are holding true, despite the efforts of the past 50 years of brainwashing.

    1. It is worse than you think.

      Read ‘The Misandry Bubble’

  4. Makes me wonder how many women truly buy into this – as a % of the total female population or is this merely yet another politican trying to make a name for him/herself.

    1. I wish it didn’t matter who bought in and who didn’t. I wish government were just prohibited from social engineering.

  5. For a while I thought that there was some common sense coming out of Washington, until I got to the part that said “just kidding”. Its said that 50% of the population is ignored. denigrated and made to feel guilty because of they only have one “X” chromosome.

  6. Thomas Sullivan

    It is time to wonder where the brainwashing comes from, because it has taken over the conventional wisdom in America. The hypocrisy and bias is everywhere, and it is very destructive.

  7. Well played, Sir.

  8. 1775Concord

    Obama pays doctors so little (Medicare, Medicaid) that many of the best and brightest men, who have to choose which career path to take, avoid Medicine. So many more women…who often do 36-40 hour work weeks…enter medical school (often 50% or more of entering classes. Further, both men and women are turned off by the constant threat of lawyers using them as prey for a malpractice suit, a problem which Obama knows about, yet has intentionally fails to address.

  9. Very few people have the natural ability to articulate certain elements in their posts. You certainly have a knack with words and hit a home run. Good job.

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