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  1. re: did you happen to listen to FAUX News the last week in the campaign – which bills itself as the most watched media channel – not counting talk radio and folks like Limbaugh, Hannity and others.

    would you not agree that Faux and talk radio are major media players these days?

    why do we keep saying MSM as if it were monolithic when the evidence shows a large presence of the right wing media?

    1. Henrik Temp

      Hi Larry,

      I wholeheartedly agree that Fox News & talk radio are major media players. But the Pew study included both of them. You can read their methodology here:

      But your point is well taken: Fox & talk radio should count as “mainstream.”

      Thanks for the comment,


    2. Larry I do not understand why you use the term “Faux” they do have prime time news shows that actually report news just like CNN and I can honestly say they seem pretty fair and balanced as fox puts it. CNN on the other hand has a SLIGHT tilt to the left but for news reporting I would have to say they are still moderate. Then we have opinion shows which Fox blantatly puts out as “OPINION” in online stories or saying an opinion talk show is coming up, whereas it seems in my opinion that other stations try to portay them as fact and push it instead of putting out there as opinion. Just my opinion of the methodology of how they put it out there. Both opinion shows are very leaning though.

      1. ” the term “Faux” they do have prime time news shows that actually report news just like CNN and I can honestly say they seem pretty fair and balanced as fox puts it.”

        really? Have you listend to Hannity and O’Reilly? Hannity is 5 times as bad but neither of them “report” the “news” – they admit that – they’re totally commentary.

  2. I watch FOX and MSN and CNN as well as Fox News Sunday , Meet the Press and a couple others.

    I watch O”Reilly, Hanity, Greta, Maddow and Mathews but not “ED” but do watch Morning Joe.

    My view is that there is quite a diverse media and FOX and Talk Radio are major players and the viewership numbers show they outdraw other media in prime time.

    FOX News, especially has a steady stream of GOP elected and Party folks every night.

    I consider Fox News Sunday to be the least biased of the shows although it leans right.

    O’Reilly is a right wing buffoon who does not even realize how far right he leans.

    Hannity and Maddow make no bones about their views.

    Greta is .. in my view .. a bit naive… she tries to ask tough questions and sometimes succeeds but the partisan folks know how to deal with her.

    When I look at Greta and Chris Wallace, Wallace strikes me as totally in tune with the issues and asks tough questions – and follows up if they evade. Greta tries but gets easily pushed off course.

    if you listen to some folks -it’s like the main stream media “rules”

    I do not buy it. Fox news plays a huge role in elections.

  3. Karl Stecher

    Seems to me that a big turning point in the campaign was manufactured by the “brazenly biased” (as Liz Trotta said) Candy Crowley, who stopped Mitt Romney in his tracks during the second debate when he pointed out the lying of Obama re. the Benghazi terrorist attack, and wrongly supported Obama. Obama caught lying during the debate. That would have been a big deal if she hadn’t covered for Obama.
    “Mainstream” media has referred to NBC-ABC-CBS and the NY Times and Washington Post. Viewers of the three major networks…which don’t require a cable subscription…far outnumber FOX or MSNBC. Their bias, e.g. their covering for Obama re. Benghazi (CBS had the terrorist tapes on 9-12), was evident for months.

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