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  1. Max Planck

    Not bad! BTW, if one makes over 200k, most people call that “rich.”

    1. if one makes over 200k, most people call that “rich.”“…

      The same “rich” that carry federa taxl load for the parasites

  2. Ted Gambogi

    Inciteful but only to 53% of Americans. The 47% will expect more government largeste

  3. Obama may a lousy president but I see nothing in the GOP budgeting proposals that shows that Romney would be much better on the deficit issue. Half of all tax revenues are going towards military activities. (Pentagon budget, contingency requests for the wars, CIA drones, NSA, NASA military projects, Veteran Affairs, DHS, military aid, and all the interest on the accumulated debt due to war.) Given the SS and Medicare commitments where would any cuts come from?

    Sorry James but you are missing the big picture. There is no difference between the GOP and the Democrats and the only possible salvation comes from a third party peace candidate. You know of one?

    1. Half of all tax revenues are going towards military activities“…

      Ahhh vangel, still apparently believing that if one repeats a lie often enough it will miraculously morph into a fact…

      Even the quasi socialist CPBB isn’t pushing that nonsense

      Heritage has a somewhat different picture

    2. Mike Travis

      @ Vangel:
      Not knowing you I cannot say if you are simply ignorant of the facts or if you are a plain liar. What I CAN say is you are absolutely incorrect. Even the liars in the WH say defense spending is only 18% of the spending in 2001. Here is their own link: Table 4.2—Percentage Distribution of Outlays by Agency: 1962–2017

      It is time that ALL those who wish to deny, twist, or misrepresent facts be called out and shown to be the liars they are. I mo no gop fan either. I am an American Patriot who believes BOTH parties are corrupt and NEITHER represents We the People, but only represents their own interests. It is time to do away with parties altogether and focus on principles, NOT rhetoric.

      1. Mike Travis
      2. I think that you need to be a more careful reader. Look at total military spending, which includes the DOD, CIA, NASA funding related to the military, off budget items to fight the current wars, DHS, military aid to foreign countries, VA, etc., and compare that not to the spending but to the actual tax revenues. You see that military spending is more than half the tax revenue.

        What confuses you is the total spending, which comes from tax revenue plus new borrowing. You also ignore all of the military spending that is not a part of the Defence budget. But you can’t avoid reality by ignoring it. Eventually the interest on the debt taken on to fight wars will have to be paid or you will have to default. Eventually the off budget items will have to be properly accounted for. Eventually all of the budget for CIA drones, and the CIA runs much of the program, not the Pentagon, will have to be accounted for. Look at all of the taxes. Look at all of the money spent on military related programs. You get the numbers that I cited.

  4. Even if our defense budget were 50 per cent of the budget which is absurd, the main obligation of the government is to protect us from foreign threats.


  5. I fit the highest end of this analysis and have 2 comments: I happen to have many friends who make much less than $100,000 and call themselves Middle Class
    : I will accept the extra tax for a functioning society ( I’ve traveled the world and seen societies without safety nets.
    I came to this webpage today from Ohio where Romney’s TV add claims the AEI and this article to be “independent & bipartisan”. Too bad I also don’t believe that God was a man who lead a good life on a planet by the star Kolob.

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