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Discussion: (10 comments)

  1. Charlie Brown

    The next-to-last sentence is wrong. The compound term “state capitalism,” like that other compound term”crony capitalism,” is a contradiction in terms if one really understand what capitalism is. Why concatenate “capitalism” with these consequences of socialism? It only muddles the issue. Is there governmental interference or preference in the market or not? That’s the issue. If the answer is affirmative, that is categorically socialism. Capitalism simply is the social system in which individual rights (i.e., property rights) are protected by the government leaving the individual free to conduct his life in accord with his rational judgments.

  2. Richard

    But the Republicans won’t offer a real alternative. They never do. It will be a 5% course correction, if that. Romney invented this mess and now we are supposed to believe that he will offer a real alternative. And even if he did, repeal is a pipe dream. We are stuck because yet another Republican Justice evolved into a liberal.

  3. Dub Dublin

    Agree with Charlie Brown – There is no such thing as “crony capitalism”, capitalism that is perverted by cronyism is simply “corruption”. Similarly, “state capitalism” is an oxymoronic euphemism for “socialism/communism”. Now if we could just get both sides to agree that corruption is a bad thing…

  4. Mike Mahoney

    When/if the R’s have both houses and the presidency and when/if Obamacare is repealed the precedent this case set will always be there to fester until some future congress and president decide to use it to ressurect it or some other nefarious scheme.
    The minimalist positive spin I’m reading is as a poor man rejoicing that he found a shinny penny in the outhouse pit.

    1. Jamal Imoz

      When the ‘R’s did have both houses of Congress and the White House, they
      Funded ACORN every year
      Funded Planned Parenthood every year
      Funded La Raza, and 100s of other leftist activist groups


      Politicians see this control of the masses (not citizens for a long time) as one big overflowing pig trough, and it’s dinnertime. Republicans will go though the motions to repeal, but will make sure ACA is NOT repealed. There’s just too much graft waiting to be skimmed. This is the motherlode for politicians. $100s of billions in ‘waste’ and fraud in Medicare every year? That’s peanuts compared to what ACA will provide.

  5. Before, I called ACA Obama-sCare.
    I now revised the unAffordable Care Act as…
    Obama-sCare TAX.
    The roberts precident is however worse than this huge new tax; the one that cannot really change even by electing ObaRomney.
    The Globalists WON!
    Americans are now less free, and poorer, than the Europeans.
    It is truly staggering that everyone spins the SCOTUS decision, six days before our 4th of July, as a constitutional issue only.
    IT WAS BY DESIGN, by its ACA drafters, to enslave Americans into a submissive state of mind and being and justice roberts (without his epilepsy medication) was just their puppet.
    Who are these global drafters who have succeded already in Europe?
    They are about 2% of the US population
    They vote over 75% leftist Dems
    They are about 8% in the Senate
    They are about 13% in the House
    They have three justices in the SCOTUS and more…
    They control the media
    They create and fund wars
    They will take us to war with Iran
    And that’s just to name a few hints.
    But I do feel for the 25% of them who vote Republican, Conservative, American.

    1. While researcing your data perhaps you should take note that Europeans have been richer than Americans for quite some time. You should also have noticed, they have much better health care at much less cost than Americans. Also no party should have an advantage with the SCOTUS. It is suppose to be blind to politics (yeal really). Agree with most of your data and thoughts but a few things needs better research.

  6. Stacy Piller

    I believe the Federal Government has ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE in health care – from telling citizens what kind of care they must or must not receive, to demanding that employers of any size provide insurance for employees, to providing health care services. For that reason, I hope they repeal, but don’t replace, this mess. I hope that Republicans don’t offer an alternative. I would also like to see insurance benefits be separated from employment.

    We are blessed in America to enjoy access to the best health care in the world. I’m a nurse actively working in health care, and it becomes more and more difficult to take care of my patients every day. With less regulation and less meddling by the government, more people would have better access, not less. Providers would be free to offer services “on sale” or to negotiate lower prices with those who need them.

    I see nothing good in Obama Care. It will lead to increased regulation, higher prices, more dependence on government, and less connection to the community.

    The government needs to get its hand out of my pocket and out of my business. Health care issues need to be addressed at the personal (making healthy choices), family (teaching healthy lifestyles), and community (providing for our needy neighbors) levels, with the state providing a safety net for the lost and least(not the most potential voters). The federal government has no place in in this business.

    1. We have the very worse health care in the modern world, 37th place, With the abslute highest cost. How can anyone say they wan to stay as they are. The insurance companies have blinded the real issue for years. High cost, terrible results. Time for change. It can’t possibly be any more expensive with worse results. We are already there.

  7. WideAwake

    6/28/12 – the day America died. When all three branches of the federal gov’t fail Americans, it’s time for people to act. Vote to replace the current administration. Repeal Obamacare. Surely, there’s a better solution that gutting our economy and imposing a punitive tax on Americans. If you’ve ever lived outside the country and experienced socialized medicine, you know what a disaster it will be for our country. How’s it working in Europe? Not.
    Proposal: Let members of Congress and the White House staff buy their insurance at the exchanges.

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