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  1. Recovery, Recovery! Wherefore art thou, Recovery?

    Apparently, nowhere to be found. Hence more “stimulus.”

    A little government tinkering here; a little government experimenting there. Oh, why don’t we all just go home and let the government run the economy?

  2. Arthur O. armstrong

    Why does AEI, in theory a conservative bastion, endorse permanent inflation of 2% a year? That erodes today’s dollar by roughly half in a each generation. It is an economic policy which assumes that the average man is too stupid to realize that his savings are being stolen and his income cut by the stealth tax of inflation. And when combined with a policy of zero interest rate drives more sophisticated investors to take untoward risks in the struggle to achieve decent returns.

    If this be policy, give me chaos, or at least a coherent explanation of why such a program is better than a stable currency.

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