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  1. peter ferretti

    If you want to help the helpless in the Middle East, the US and the World, spend the 1/2 billion $ on the REFUGUES in Lebanon and other countries in the region— not on firing 200 missiles in thin air like on July4th!

  2. Michael Cavallaro

    “Rebel are now less cohesive and al Qaeda groups are making inroads”
    Really? On what irrefutable intelligence are superficial characterizations like that based? As if you know who the rebels are.

  3. Heard Danielle Pletka on C-Span this morning and was quite impressed. You hav a new fan. So difficult to find someone with a clear cut message today. Most of it is rhetoric.Americans are very frustrated with Obama and his inability to lead. If Americans had done their homework before they elected him, they wold have realized that ny senator we votes “present” and not yes or no as he did in il. Is nt a leader.In addition we are frightened about his weakening of America nationally and internationally and don’t know where to turn. The latest lack of leadership is his quote, ” I did not draw th re line.” This I scary!

  4. Michael Cavallaro

    Why would Americans be “war weary”? With so few people serving in uniform most Americans don’t have to make any kind of sacrifice at all. Makes going to war so much easier when people don’t share in the responsibility or bare any of the consequences.

  5. Michael Cavallaro

    Americans had better start getting used to the fact that our power to influence events around the globe isn’t what it used to be. Every empire rises and falls, some a lot faster than others. This empire is clearly in decline. The United States is very much like Britain after the First World War, politically, diplomatically, and militarily the most powerful nation on earth….and completely broke, bankrupt, it’s global economic position eclipsed.

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