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Discussion: (17 comments)

  1. Vic Volpe

    8 of 8 — that’s what you get for being a news junkie.
    Lucky I was in China in 1986 — drank plenty of 5 Star beer.

    1. 8 out 8 on 13 questions?

  2. Robert Bauer

    Darn! Missed one!

    I haven’t been paying much attention to Massachusetts lately. ;-)

    1. Warren was the only one I missed, too. :D

      1. How could you miss Fauxcahantas? :)

  3. Vic Volpe

    And Professor Perry, I only got 50% on the College Professor/Hobo Test — 90% of them looked like college Professors to me. My brother has a Phd and did a little teaching when he started out.

  4. I grew up around professors and I can’t tell the difference between them and hobos. 6/10 on that quiz. Frankly, I’ve NEVER been able to tell the difference between science professors and hobos.

  5. missed the one on Syria .. ashamed….

    re: hobos and professors… was not sure if some of those guys were “homeless” rather than “hobos” – hobos seems like an antiquated word… these days…

    how about a quiz with professors and serial and mass killers, convicts… and others who feel little need to deal with facial and head hair?


  6. MacDaddyWatch

    So whats the difference between a college professor and a hobo anyway?

    Its a distinction without a difference.

  7. MacDaddyWatch

    Batted 1.000….I went 13 for 13.

    Affirmative action played no role in my brilliant score–I’m ready for Harvard Law !!!

  8. 12 for 13. Damn flag.

    1. really? you know the governor of Massachusetts but not the flag haha? that’s interesting.

      Massachusetts seemed to really stump alot of people.

      1. Cody

        really? you know the governor of Massachusetts but not the flag haha? that’s interesting.

        You DO know that the governor of MA isn’t Elisabeth warren, right?

        Massachusetts seemed to really stump alot of people.

        I’ll say!

  9. 13 for 13
    but only 8 of 10.

    Perhaps all those PhDs I took out on research cruises?

    Should have known better though. Way back, a Physics Prof was going skydiving. Announced he was going to calculate his rate of descent. Broke his leg. Didn’t bath. We learned to get by with out going to office hours for the rest of the semester.

    Also, the important lesson of not letting academic thinking distract you from the job at hand.

    1. we had, where I worked once, a world-class geodesy expert. If you don’t know what geodesy is, look it up. anyone this guy was among the world’s top guys and he had his own office down the hall.


      1. – he lived in his car and the only seat that did not have papers stacked to the top was the drivers seat.

      2. – his desk drawer ( discovered upon his death – had 3 years worth of uncashed pay checks.

      3. – he weighed over 400 lbs.

      4. – he never bathed until he had a health episode that required him to go to the hospital where they would clean him until the next time.

      remember – this guy had, by all accounts, an IQ well above the genius level.. was in demand around the world for his world class knowledge and expertise.

      so Hobo vs College professor is pretty tame…


  10. I’m an 18 year-old high school senior who got a 12/13 on that quiz. I’m getting a little tired of being treated like a naive political tool by adults who can’t tell me who our governor is.

    somehow i pressed pound instead of euro. I don’t know why i did that, but its ok because i don’t know anything about Massachusetts haha.

    also i got a 50% on that hobo quiz. i don’t even know what to think that implies…

  11. Steven Hales

    13 of 13 on the news quiz 50% on the prof/hobo. I knew some of the profs but not enough. Hilarious quiz though.

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