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Discussion: (49 comments)

  1. Tom James

    Your are good. I knew 2, 3 and 4 were true, but wasn’t sure about 1 and 5. It’s hard to believe 5 isn’t the fictional one. I have often wondered why the USC Trojan mascot hasn’t been targeted (or has it?)

  2. Stupid Feminists Stop complaining

  3. I linked to this from a Dennis Prager post and so I figured the musical one was the fake. Well done satire.. or fakery… or whatever. It is almost impossible to satirize the left anymore because they are so out there.
    I am waiting for the lawsuit demanding that GM get rid of Chevrolet since, as a government owned entity, the ‘bowtie” logo is an impermissible establishment of religion. Huh? Chevrolet (the person) was Swiss and the Chevy symbol is a stylized Swiss cross – wait til the ACLU finds out that the government is making and buying crosses!

  4. steve rhoads

    I got it wrong–because I thought there was no way that a blue state president at U. conn. would ever approve of changing the wolf to look more ferocious!

  5. It was to satirize nonsense like that I wrote Bias Incident: The World’s Most Politically Incorrect Novel. It takes feminists to task unmercifully.

  6. Mary Ann Jung

    I thought it was the music one too. you are good. I wondered about the last one but I didn’t guess it was the first one. Will there be no end to this nonsense!!

    I do say thank you when a gentleman opens the door for me. So glad that ridiculous stuff is mostly behind us. At least I hope it is.

  7. Fred Smoe

    Funny, I thought the second UConn image was of a female. :| Don’t tell my psychologist.

    1. ertdfg

      Don’t you know?

      All dogs are masculine…
      Wait, that doesn’t work does it?

      Um, you can tell a dog’s gender by looking at it’s face?
      Not the way I go about it; but apparently feminists have different views on the subject.

  8. BS Inc.

    Well, at least modern society is rich enough that these idiots can waste their time writing idiotic drivel and no one, except people stupid enough to find it convincing, is any the worse for it. Science has made life so easy that even feminists who write this tripe can get sufficient caloric intake to survive.

  9. Days of Broken Arrows

    When the balance of enrollment in colleges started to tip toward women, they became more like finishing schools: obsessed with what is proper and who is violating what rule. The default emotional position for a lot of women seems to be indignation and schools appear to reward this now, rather than dismiss it as the anti-intellectualism it often is.

    This is wholly different than the way universities were during most of the twentieth century, when this sort of nonsense would have been laughed away.

    I’d write more, but I need to check my niece’s essay on whether the brand name “Pop-Tarts” constitutes a form of slut-shaming.

  10. Jeff Xu

    This is the result of ivory tower, leftist navel gazing that seem to ooze out of every academic institution across the nation.

    Every college infested with people who waste their time looking for trivial bits of “oppression”, making up all sorts of esoteric vocabulary and then pretending they’re more enlightened when the average person doesn’t buy into their nonsense.

  11. Todd Nuccio

    Of course you’re insensitive Dennis. You are an evil conservative. Welcome to the club.


    “Women’s studies needed a syllabus and so invented a canon overnight. It puffed up clunky, mundane contemporary women authors into Oz-like, skywriting dirigibles. Our best women students are being force-fed an appalling diet of cant, drivel and malarkey.”
    [Sex, Art and American Culture : New Essays (1992)]
    ―Camille Paglia

    This is how the madness started and flourished.
    The tax payers have paid for their own headaches by pandering to neurotic bitches.

  13. I couldn’t believe that anyone could say such a thing about beethoven’s ninth, I had to go to YouTube and play it as soon as I read that even before knowing if it was true or not and seeing that it’s true just wow, just wow…

  14. yeahboy

    totally mad….

    but we need correctness: the last symphony of beethoven is the missa solemnis (10th symphony). iam sure its full of rape and such stuff…it has a duration of about 3 hours (9th symphony ~70minutes)

  15. I think the new UCONN mascot is a bitch. How can a bitch be a misogynistic rapist? I mean, I wouldn’t mess with any husky, male or bitch. They’re big dogs and can be easily provoked.

  16. Uncle Elmer

    I figured 5 was a gag because the mascot is so cute and furry. After I took the test I looked it up and their mascot actually is cute and furry. The Beethoven rant was pure pleasure. Great essay.

  17. That little bagattelle of Beethoven’s Fur Elise, is I have always felt, infused with Date Rape Ardour – just listen to it!

  18. joshua stone

    I guessed right, but only because you were kind enough to give it away by referring to the protesting group at USC by the acronym: WAC.

  19. Gilbert Ratchet

    Thanks! This was fun. Had no idea what the real answer was. It did occur to me that Trojans can be seen as the *protectors* of women (e.g. Kassandra, Hekabe, Helen, Andromache), while it was the Achaians who stole them (Briseus, Chriseus) and enslaved them (see Euripides’ Trojan Women).

    But who cares about Classical literature, when you’ve got feminist theory on your side.

  20. The idea of rape themes in Beethoven’s 9th symphony, though daring , is only interpretive of this one person’s collective experience and in no way should reflect any group subtextual beliefs. This is why a differing of opinion is, or should be, one of the greatest gifts of a liberal society. Who is to say that it is not masculinity being emasculated by a renegade matriarchy that is being interpreted? (And come on, if anything sounds like it might be rape, it’s in those chords and violent business of the contrastual 5th symphony!)

  21. Astrokid NJ

    Re: Astronomer Meg Urry, Is it possible to get video of her saying that?
    Will be interesting to see how a seemingly accomplished woman who works on Black holes now, can utter such gibberish.

  22. All you’ve done is (unwittingly) uncovered a real problem. It’s like discovering a new disease and claiming this is somehow a parody of medicine. Rapist.

  23. Michael W. Perry

    Sigh, if only remarks like those were outside the feminist mainstream. They’re not. I went to hear Gloria Steinem speak two days ago and those remarks could be paralleled by any number of things she said.

    Feminists do seem to be upset about men enjoying football. She talked about that and seemed to think that all feminists need to is behave nastily about football and masculinity and as a result men with abandon it in droves much like the university administrators who now toe the feminist line. I felt like yelling out, “Fat chance of that.” Feminists may be unhappy women, but most men are quite happy to be men.

    Perhaps funniest or most disturbing of all was the obsession she and her audience have with that last bastion of male exclusiveness, the restroom door that says “Men” on it. It seems to enrage them. She bragged of feminist conferences she’d attended at which they ‘took over’ the men’s room.

    The feminist lever to change restroom exclusiveness may be all the weird gender identities now popping up. One lisping guy whined that, on campus and uncomfortable with either the men’s or women’s restrooms, he had to walk ten minutes to find a single-user one. At that point, I almost felt sorry for Ms. Steinem because all these sexual identities have grow up so quickly she didn’t even understand what his particular label meant.

    The last incident illustrates how sex had replaced race as the central focus of our cultural insanity. I’m creating a new website for my books. One book I published is from the nineteenth century and is about how Haiti freed itself from the French. In the back is an appendix that details the insane complexity of that era in classifying the racially mixed. Ever heard of a Sang-mele? That’s someone who is 125 to 127 parts white to 1 to 3 parts black. They actually went into that fine a detail. The part is apparently a count of ancestors by race and the math gets most complex when the ancestors are themselves mixed.

    Perhaps the most revealing of Steinem’s remarks was in response to what she longed most to see happen. It was a feminist AA–I kid you not–in every city and town on the planet.

    I immediately had a vision of little circles of folding chairs in dank church basements and, one by one, the women stand up and say, “I am Jane Smith, and I am a feminist.” The irony of feminist (or woman) being substituted for alcoholic was a lost on Steinem and her audience, but it does make perverse sense.

    Steinem’s dream was for those little circles to encourage women who’d wrecked their lives, much like alcoholism does. From the response of the crowd–mostly unhappy looking women–her words struck a chord with them. But none seem to realize its real significance.

    Just like most women have enough sense not to become alcoholics, most have enough sense to have the sort of rotten Hillary-with-Bill experiences that seems to play a key role in creating a feminist.

    I once heard a leading conservative woman express precisely the contrary POV. She didn’t have trouble with men, she said, because she didn’t tolerate male misbehavior. One step out of line, and that guy was gone from her life. If you don’t date a jerk, you won’t marry one.

    Feminists do seem to have a problem with the men (or rather biological males) that they let into their lives, so much so that Steinem at one point felt she needed to reassure her audience that most men weren’t date rapists. She apparently felt their experiences might have run to the contrary.

    Of course, her explanation was hardly reassuring. Explaining that the date rapists were just very busy didn’t explain why some foolish women were giving them the opportunity to misbehave.

    Perhaps the best way to deal with this madness is to enjoy it and to make fun of it while it lasts. Those who take themselves and their ideas too seriously typically don’t know how to respond to a joke.

    And that humor might bring some feminists to their senses and help them escape what must be a most unhappy world.

  24. Quick, notify Ohio State. A buckeye is a reference to a sensory organ (gasp) of a MALE (another gasp) deer. Heavens to Murgatroid!

  25. I figured it was a trick question, and that at the end, you’d let us know that all five were actual complaints by womyn. It should be pointed out that NONE of these statements would be made by a conservative woman, only Leftists.

    1. Dead wrong. ‘Conservative’ women are quite willing to use feminist laws to profit from destroying their own families.

      Read this : the most Abominable Christian Wife on the Internet.

      Given that most ‘conservative’ women agree with what Jenny Erikson has done, and most US churches are just centers of female-glorification that outright violates the Bible, it is hard to say that Republican women are any better than Dem women.

  26. Embarrassed Female

    As a woman, I am quite embarrassed every time I hear about feminists trying to claim victimhood whenever they see the slightest opening. It is in our nature to be women (birth children, nurture, feel attracted to men who can protect us when there’s a shit storm). It is in men’s nature to be men (challenge themselves to become better protectors of their mate, reproduce, and provide). No woman or man can escape these “instincts” and should not try to.


    Stop begging for “equality”. That’s NOT what you want. You simply want to take away power from men because you need to prove that they are not dominant. Well, they are! Be a woman, the way your instincts are telling you to be and stop trying to change human nature.

  27. Paul A'Barge

    I guess wrong (went for the music comment).

    Sigh. Number 1 seemed so realistic.

    1. the bandit

      > Number 1 seemed so realistic.

      That should’ve been your tip-off. Although, like Diggs, I personally had my money on trick question.

  28. Taylor Lake

    That’s funny, you got me. I thought that the diatribe about Beethoven was the phony.

    An excellent way of demonstrating just how far “feminism” has devolved so far into unwitting self-parody that nobody on the outside looking in can tell what they take themselves seriously for, and what’s a joke.

    1. Yet they have passed many brutal laws that not only violate the constitution of any first-world country, but have resulted in the imprisonment, death, and impoverishment of men and children.

      Men and children have died from feminism
      Men are being jailed in debtor’s prison due to feminsim
      Men are being enslaved due to feminism
      Children are losing their fathers, against the will of either father or child, due to feminism.

      Brush off the idiocy of feminism if you will, they are to most powerful political force in America today (given how both Dems and Repubs both grovel to them).

      Read The Misandry Bubble. It is the foremost article on the logical flaws of feminism.

  29. Sufficient advanced feminist theory is indistinguishable from dumb.

    1. Women who see ‘male aggression’ and ‘patriarchy’ and ‘rape culture’ everywhere tend to be women that get no attention from men.

      You will never see a woman higher than a 7 in looks seeing these imaginary things anywhere…

  30. I get that McClary’s analysis of Beethoven’s Ninth is pretty unconventional. However, I had her at UCLA for Intro to Baroque and Classical Opera, and she is truly a wonderful teacher. It was one of the best courses I took during my tenure there. Philosophically, I’m a staunch capitalist and champion for individual rights, and I never felt like she was trying to “indoctrinate” us. The music was beautiful and she helped us understand it in historical context and from a modern perspective.

  31. I thought the fake was #4, the Big Bang Theory. My reasoning was that any theory that could be construed as being at odds with the idea that there is a God would be appealing to feminists, ergo, they wouldn’t complain. My mistake was to use reasoning in the first place.

    1. Micha Elyi

      I thought the fake was #4, the Big Bang Theory. My reasoning was that any theory that could be construed as being at odds with the idea that there is a God would be appealing to feminists, ergo, they wouldn’t complain.

      Atheists denied the theory to which they gave the derisive name “Big Bang” because a creation event implies a Creator. Atheists dismissed the theory that was developed early on by Georges Lemaître saying, “Of course he’d say that the universe has a beginning, he’s a Catholic priest!” Early 20th century atheists much preferred the Greek pagan theory propounded by Aristotle that the universe was uncreated, always had been, and always would be.

      I laugh when 21st century (born yesterday?) atheists presume that the Big Bang theory somehow disproves the existence of God.

      Feminists, foolish creatures that they are, resent Big Bang physics because “Ooh, that’s violent!” Wait a few years and other feminists will be telling you that the Big Bang theory proves something about the superiority of females that feminists allege because giving birth is traumatic blah blah blah.

      1. Cossard


        (1) As Fred Hoyle was only one person, it is inaccurate to refer to him as “atheists”.

        (2) I’ve never seen an atheist claiming that “the Big Bang theory somehow disproves the existence of God”. I’ve seen a lot of *creationists* claiming that the Big Bang is at odds with the existence of God. This is ‘cos they’re nuts.

  32. This merely demonstrates that ‘Feminism’, far from helping women, has instead exposed the full extent of female inferiority (moral, mental, civic, economic, spiritual, parental) far more visibly than was ever possible before feminism.

    Traditional customs benefited women more than men, as they served to package women up into something much better than they were, so that they could be fobbed off onto heavily deceived grooms….

    Now, we see the reasons why every successful society that ever existed, restricted women tightly….

  33. patriarchal landmine

    people wonder why I don’t trust women?

    1. Simply get away from feminists and get along with cool women, demonstrating you are better than radical feminists by not geberalizing.

  34. patriarchal landmine

    “The faux story is number 1 — about the USC Trojan image and its social construction of “hegemonic masculinity.” I made it up. It’s pure jibberish. I don’t think a “narrative” can be “inflected” by femicide.”

    don’t speak too soon.

  35. My Go…uh, Gaia, er, Sophia. That was my absolute last choice. The least ridiculous one was the fake. Radical feminists, of course, should be humiliated. But of course, they won’t be, and will instead accuse the authors and publishers of “violence against women” by even putting this article out. Which is why every rational person rolls their eyes when they open their mouths.

  36. Micha Elyi

    Somewhere there’s surely a university-tenured feminist who is certain that the Trojan War as recounted in Homer’s Illiad is all about violence against females blah blah blah.

    I don’t believe Dr. Sommers searched hard enough to rule out case #1.

  37. I thought they were all true.

  38. John B. Chilton

    I am reminded of the time the Trojans played the University of South Carolina Gamecocks in football. The Cocks won unexpectedly. An enterprising person produced a saucy bumper sticker to celebrate the victory.

  39. Feminism promised to protect our young women.

    Instead, US moved from a 5% abuse rate to over 30% abuse of our young women and over 15% abuse of our young men.

    The experiment failed. We need to heal the problems not continue this crazy experiment.


  40. Bill Pope

    I always found McClary’s assessment of Beethoven’s Ninth the most revealing, not only of (gender) feminism, but of the entire Leftist project.

    LvB’s Ninth is a glorious paen to humanity. In fact, it is one of the highest of all high humanist statements. It is perfectly balanced in its praise of man, as well as man’s relationship to the eternal (God, Prime Mover, First Cause, and so forth).

    McClary’s complaints represent the Left’s hatred of Western culture in general, and its desire to destroy and obliterate each and every pillar that has sustained our great civilization for the past 3000 years.

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