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Discussion: (8 comments)

  1. skellator

    What is this? You need to not talk about rap. Obviously authorial intent doesn’t mean anything but making tenuously linked analysis in support of a political ideology which has historically marginalized rap + the ppl who made/make it is dumb and a dick move.

  2. lol

  3. Alec Pronk

    You’re just flat-out wrong. You may think that these songs reflect some of your values (most are a stretch but go ahead), but you can’t just claim them as conservative songs when that is clearly not the intent of the original artist. Most of the songs you mentioned hold universal meaning and don’t prescribe to any one political party, and therefore you’re doing a great disservice to the men and women who made these songs.

  4. Its Gsatt

    You guys need to lighten up. I think he did a good job at pointing out values that the people who made and listen to these songs didnt even realize could be considered “Conservative”. Call them conservative, call them common sense, call them realistic, whatever. Whats with the the desire for it to be one party or another?

    My girlfriends dad rocks an Obama bumper sticker but you’d think hes conservative when he gripes about busting his ass while a couple of his inlaws are living it up with new cars milking a fat disability check for a sore back.

    It is what it is.

    Pick your sides, ill call em as i see em.

  5. The mental gymnastics that it takes to consider these conservative songs would make Shannon Miller jealous. Also, I am not sure where this author has learned about “anarchy” but taking responsibility for your own community and not waiting around for the government and the police that flag waving conservatives loves so much is something that almost any self-described anarchist, regardless of sect, could agree with. I’d also love to see this writer call some of these rappers “conservative” to their face. Granted within the mainstream rap genre, there are lots of materialistic and misogynistic lyrics which I’m sure many conservatives could agree with but just because someone shares some jacked up values with conservatives doesn’t necessarily make them conservative. I’m also pretty sure this author totally missed the point on the Tupac lyric, and that the lyric is actually saying that a man has nothing to say about a what a woman does with her own body, particularly her reproductive organs, a sentiment completely in contrast with the belief that the male dominated state should be able to legislate what a woman can or can’t do with her reproductive organs. Also, he speaks compassionately to women on welfare who conservatives would call “leeches” and accuse of having babies just to get paid.

    All in all though, this article is typically conservative, it attempts to warp messages and spin things to try to fit reality into what they want it to be.

  6. Justin bieber is not a rapper.

  7. This is a joke, right?

  8. This has to be a joke… I mean c’mon the only similarity between conservativism, and hip hop, is that hip-hop related GANGS, oppress, and act violently towards Gays/Gay culture, by expressing ignorance of Christian values. I mean c’mon you’ll kill gays, but you eat SHELLFISH, wear clothes comprised of TWO fabrics, EAT FOOD grown in a field in which two different species of seed are sown…. the list goes on and on… (these are all declared as ABOMINATIONS IN THE BIBLE), i mean they go on and on. The bible says a woman raped deserves to be stoned to death because she didn’t cry out loud enough…) If you use the bible to base ALL moral decisions, you’re not American, Liberal, Or Conservative, just INSANE. (Unkowningly) all conservatives would agree to this, until you show where the bible verses show that it’s actually “Christian” values that proclaim these horrible things.

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