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  1. I agree that a precipitous pullout of troops will do nothing but enbolden the efforts of the Taliban and their ancillary supporters. What concerns me is what happens prior to 2016 with regards to the Afghan government and their proclivity to reach out unilaterally to the Taliban prior to 2016. Having just returned from eight (8) years in Afghanistan supervising a program that evaluated societal and tribal dynamics I fear for the next two years and the groundwork that could be laid for the inclusion of the Taliban in future Afghan Ministries. All this hinges on what the US does with the announced plans the worst possible scenario.

  2. Egads–$6 trillion in US taxpayer money spent or obligated due to Iraqistan, and this is the result?
    Please, no more throwing money at the problem. Some Islamic hillbillies do not pose a threat to US national security.
    180,000 Americans have been murdered by terrorists since 9/11—they were called drunk drivers.
    The hysterical fear of Islamic terrorists is wildly out of proportion to the risks.

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