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  1. SeattleSam

    Job security is like any other attribute. People gravitate toward jobs that suit their work objectives. Ambitious people gravitate toward jobs that provide lots of upside when successful — usually at the expense of job security. People who are not that ambitious or competent tend to choose jobs that provide lots of security — yes, at the expense of having to work around a lot of slugs. That’s just the market at work. I would be bored out of my mind working at most government jobs, but if my objective were to be able to do little work without fear of losing my job, it would be a reasonable tradeoff.
    Keep in mind that we are making it more and more attractive to not work at all. Public employment at least gets SOME value from those with low motivation. I do feel sorry for those in government who are more motivated and have to work with them, but that’s just a tradeoff to the career they chose.

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