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  1. mike johnson

    hard to understand how such an ostensibly smart guy can do such an incomplete analysis. if there is less traffic, won’t more people move closer to desirable locations and offset the decrease that he is talking about? Also, people work differently at home than they do at the workplace where they are in view of other people. This is the main reason for requiring workers to come to a location. who doesn’t understand this? he telecommutes, but he’s a university professor! most folks differ from him in important ways.

  2. sure, and those few who still drive will fly around like the Jetsons! (NOT)

  3. Please stop using the word “so” and the gen Y phase “and so”

    I can’t take it and it detracts from your ability to make your point. Also, you use as many words as Mozart used notes. Five minutes of fame is the new fifteen.

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