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  1. The problem with our Big and Bigger government is that no adult is in charge. There appears to be no one managing anything! Staggering incompetence will be our epitaph.

  2. MacDaddyWatch

    Why don’t the hysterical envirogeeks ever include a cost-benefit analysis in their pronouncements. If they were part of private industry and tried a stunt that puerile, then they would all get shltcaned.

  3. Bob Zimmerman

    Barack Obama is proof that presidents are a bad idea.

  4. John Duarte

    Take a look at the DOT gas milage ratings for cars and light trucks. You will see that gasoline milage is over 15% higher for straight gas over E85. If the ethanol were delivered free from fairies it would still destroy energy. Instead it costs energy to produce and then reduces gas milage.

    This policy is destroying domestic energy rather than creating it.

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