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  1. Citizen Buddy

    Gee, the oil and gas barons must be the ones making the money from the U.S. energy boom.

    Who are these oil and gas barons?:

    …”nearly half of the shares of U.S.-based oil and natural gas companies are held by public and private pension and retirement plans, including 401(k)s, and IRA’s, and individual investors outside those plans own another 20 percent of the industry’s shares. By contrast, as we will also see, corporate-management owns less than 3 percent of the oil and natural gas industry, including just one-half of one percent of the integrated oil and natural gas companies.”

  2. Benjamin Cole

    Call me “Jack Frack.”
    These energy charts by Perry are amazing. How long can the production go up? Will oil prices sink? And…
    Where’s the “Bushanol”?
    That’s ethanol made from plants as mandated and subsidized by President Bush jr.? You know, the cellulosic stuff…”Bushanol.”

  3. According to a report released Tuesday by the International Energy Agency, production of shale oil in the United States and worldwide will provide only a temporary respite from reliance on the Middle East…
    The agency’s assessment of world supplies is consistent with an estimate by the United States Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration, which forecasts higher levels of American oil production from shale to continue until the late teens, and then slow rapidly.

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