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    1. Jon Murphy

      I was about to post this story for you in the other comments section, when I saw this post.

  2. Todd Mason

    Try the Boehner’s plan from this perspective, You got transferred to Chicago in 2007.You found outrageous home prices compared to your selling price in Indianapolis but you pressed on. Today your mortgage balance is about $80,000 higher than the value of the house. You are staying afloat because most of your mortgage payment is interest and thus deductible. You think, hey, with Obama reelected maybe the House Rs will finally take note of the balance sheet that REALLY needs fixing, namely yours and the 36 percent of Chicago mortgage borrowers who are also underwater. (Ibid)

    Of course, you would be wrong. Given a choice of finding some cover for themselves on their tax hike problem or considering the real problem, the Rs are perfectly happy to throw you under the bus.

    Seriously, it is time for Plan B, Obviously, the Rs are bent on self destruction. The question is whether they drag us with them.

  3. SeattleSam

    The Democrats are not much interested in revenue for The Rich. They are interested in raising marginal tax rates because their constituencies want a visible sign that The Rich are being punished.

    “the GOP get spending cuts”?? After everything is done, I can guarantee you that Federal spending will never actually decrease. In Washington-Speak a “cut” is when you threaten to spend 25% more and you only spend 20% more.

    1. Todd Mason

      The many business leaders who have urged House Rs to get on with it, even at the expense of raising taxes, are undoubtedly Rs themselves.

      I’m thinking they want a visible sign that the Shiite Rs in the House are not running the show.

      1. The GOP has blathered for 4 years that we have a spending problem but when presented with the opportunity to cut spending what have they proposed?

        well they proposed to reduce the cost of living index for Social Security (which needs to be done) but what the heck does that have to do with cutting spending?

        They’ve advocated cutting Medicare (which should be done) but instead of admitting they made a mistake with Medicare Parts C&D (passed under Bush), they’ve advocated increasing the age of eligibility – which is at best only a partial fix).

        so when you actually give the GOP the PRIME opportunity to specify in chapter and verse what should be cut what do they do? they revert to the fetal position and blame the POTUS for his “bad” proposal.

        We are dealing with a grade-school mentality here.

        they do not even have the simple courage of their own stated convictions to step up and forthrightly lay out what they would do.

        that’s pathetic. They DID lose the election but they are still in denial about just about everything they disagree with. Like a 5-year old, they just refuse to budge and threaten tantrums.

  4. Max Planck

    Boehner basically rehashed the old plan. And after complaining during the election that Obama “stole” $800 billion from Medicare, Boehner wants to “steal” more.

    Time to cave on those marginal rates guys. The public will have it no other way.

    1. basically, they cut and pasted the FRAMEWORK from Simpson/Bowels who quickly disowned the GOP misuse of the framework rather than laying down their specific ways to raise revenue.

      It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the GOP, who has spent the last 4 years saying we have a “spending” problem cannot or will not make a credible proposal with specific cuts and specific revenues.

      they’ve spent the entire four years talking about a spending problem and not when it comes time to walk-the-walk, they are AWOL.

      Hypocrites and weasels would be a fair way to describe them. They simply do not have the courage of their own self-professed convictions.

      The virulent anti-govt dysfunction of the GOP renders them feckless and impotent on actual governance.

      They keep pining away for the ghost of Reagan to return to show them the way… but Romney was no Reagan and Boehner is no leader of the tea party insurgency.

  5. Does anyone know if it is possible (and if so, where) to find detailed outlines and analysis regarding the different “offers” we keep hearing about.

    For instance, I want to see what Obama saw when he declined the GOP’s proposal. Is this possible?


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