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  1. US intelligence regarding Iranian Mullahs regime is so bad no wonder white house administration blindly following the regime groups in washington whome until now they have managed to pull wool over Obama s eyes believing that change can happen to this fascist and backward mullahs ..
    Well 6 years passed Mr. Obama and now you see the last result in this coming Iran s election that you were waiting for. Rafsanjany your hopeful lost nomination to candidature
    Not even a nomination ..(?) never mind the election
    WELL, Now what !? Your delays had caused an honest righteous movement of Iranians 4 years ago while directly asking you on the streets of Iran to chose between them ( the people ) or the evil ( Mullahs ) while being killed you paused
    Against Syria and Asad killing 100,000 innocent human you paused
    Aagainst North Korea & nuclear Iran you are pausing ..
    I guess you are waiting now for Putin to tell you what you should be doing .
    So much for US binge a super power
    Open your eyes Mr Obama time has arrived stand up and let the world and your allies to see your administration once for all will stop these mullahs and Asads ,Kim Jong Un and bring peace and unity to the world .. We need good allies and friends to unit us not one world ..

  2. A great piece. The key to change in Iran is fracturing the Revo Guards.

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