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  1. mesa econoguy


    Obama “boom.”

    Good one.

  2. Obama doesn’t need a boom, just modest to moderate real GDP per capita growth, in the next 3.25 years to overtake Bush43.

    FRED graph, normalized to quarter (Q4) prior to inauguration.

    Place your bets. :-)

    1. mesa econoguy

      LOL, good one smarmy. You should write for The Onion, except that’s too hard in our contemporary theatre of the absurd.

      Since past performance IS an indicator of future returns with this administration, the deck is severely stacked against him.

      And, if you dig into the upward revisions for Q3, you’ll find that the 2 largest components driving it were healthcare (LMAO), and gas/energy consumption.

      The net Obamascare drag on the economy will destroy any performance above 2% going forward, and since over HALF of all 2013 growth was attributable to inventory build, which must be flushed, I wouldn’t bet the over at 2 next year, especially after Christmas comes in very, very weak (taper off).

      Bush 43 is hardly a benchmark to emulate, though he will likely easily eclipse Oblunder, easily.

      1. Bush 43 is hardly a benchmark to emulate

        Thanks for stating the obvious. The dude was patently hapless at private sector payroll job creation.

        FRED graph

        Place your bets.:-)

        1. mesa econoguy

          Smarmy, this is a holiday miracle!

          For once, and likely only once, we are on the same side!

          The problem is, you view economics through the lens of red team/blue team.

          Government got much, much larger under Bush 43, too. Growth, especially small business growth and entrepreneurship

          suffered under him because of that, and the effects of it are most definitely being felt in Odumbo’s worst recovery on record, so he can blame Bush for that, but Oblunder hasn’t, not that I’ve heard.

        2. Bush 43 was not an economic illiterate and is worthy of emulation by our neo-Marxist president. Iraq colors everything about Bush, but his economy was not that bad. His term started with the dot com recession and he was smart enough to lower taxes—which worked AGAIN.

          But the jobs hemorrhage to Asia started before Bush and has continued unabated to the present day.

          We need corporate tax reform (and other incentives) to bring back jobs form Asia. It’s already a nascent trend.

          Unfortunately, you won’t find anyone with any intellectual capability in or around the White House to grasp my point about jobs repatriation.

  3. The Kauffman Foundation does a lot of research in entrepreneurialism. The Index is flattish for the last 15 years.

    1. mesa econoguy

      You are on the right track.

      The larger the government intrusion, the slower the economic growth.

      Government intrusion has exploded, both overtly and covertly.

  4. mesa econoguy

    By the way, I’ve revised my previous (pre-GDP restatements) predictions (1.5% cap) to comfortably predict the US will never see 2% GDP (using the new methodology) under Obamascare and Doddering-Frank again.

    Place your bets.

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