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Discussion: (5 comments)

  1. Todd Mason

    Another tautology: spending cuts = job cuts.

    Poor dudes in Wis probably thought they worked in the private sector.

    1. “Another tautology: spending cuts = job cuts”

      Todd the Libertarian,

      Let’s hear more about your hero Joseph Schumpeter and his theory of creative destruction.

      1. Todd Mason

        Paul the conservative. Let’s hear more about Bush starting two wars on credit cards.

    2. Putting aside what value government jobs actually have, your assertion of tautology is not actually true. For instance, spending cuts could = decreased wages. Or decreased hours worked. Or decreased capital expenditures. Etc.

      1. Todd Mason

        Robert Shiller arguing that wage and hour cuts leave managers with a building full of disgruntled employees, as opposed to furloughed workers who are out of sight and soon out of mind.–shiller

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