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  1. Seattle Sam

    You’re right that people do what they are incented to do. When you’re in government you are incented to have MORE, not fewer people receiving government benefits.

  2. Funny how much higher tax rates in the previous century especially the forties through the sixties saw prosperity abound.Some of the US best decades for growth had high tax rates across the board.Americans have become brainwashed by the corporate run media that low top tax rates bring prosperity.One can spin and twist the facts to their point of view,but the archived data don’t lie.

    1. sethwrkr

      Govt spend vs of GDP is increasing. The money is coming from somewhere. Even if it prints the money, it comes out eventually in an inflation tax.

      My point is simply, govt consumption of resources relatively high vs the periods you site.

      You can talk “tax rates” all you like, but that is the bottom line.

    2. Kevin you may be spinning your point of view since you don’t offer data for a comparison. Or are you taking into account today’s reality? Eg older population, inflation, dismissal of the gold standard, corporate tax rates / worker tax rates, unemployment rates, government worker wages & costs to tax payers, compared to worker wages and real income.

      It’s a different world now, so before you spin your opinion you should possibly present real facts,,, or not because that’s what spin is ….. Just a sound bite right? Are you repeating something you’ve heard?

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