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  1. Here’s a handy rule of thumb: Whoever appears to be the most reckless will become our next Federal Reserve chairman(woman).

  2. chris whited

    WELL JUST the fact that wall street like yellen very well might do him in. Because if Obama holds to his traditional hatred of wall street, and his (capital gains is about fairness) typical mindset, I would guess he’ll go with summers.

    Regardless of whether he should go against the grain or not, he has no problem doing merely what he wants vs conventional wisdom.

  3. Benjamin Cole

    The Fed has been reckless and cavalier since 2008, marching to a self-exalted mission statement of “fighting inflation” while millions of business and employees suffered.

    To do nothing, or not enough, is reckless and cavalier, if that means standing by idly while your neighbor’s house is burning down.

    The Bank of Japan has done nothing for 20 years.

    It has not worked. Tight money does not work. Dogmas do not replace action, bromides do not equal successful monetary policy. Pompous pettifogging and sanctimonious sermonettes about inflation are not equal to statesmanship.

    The Fed should print money, a lot more money and keep printing until the plates melt….

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