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Discussion: (14 comments)

  1. Rob Sperry

    The graphs looks more linear than exponential….still fantastic :)

    1. Agree, I changed it to “dramatic” and “significant.”

  2. Benjamin Cole

    Can oil stay above $90?

    1. Jon Murphy

      You don’t need it to.

  3. Citizen Buddy

    It is interesting that the number of Texas oil and gas “operators” is less than half of 1985, but they produce more now.

    1. It is interesting that the number of Texas oil and gas “operators” is less than half of 1985, but they produce more now.“…

      You might find this AP story interesting citbud


      1. Citizen Buddy

        Juandos, yes, your link explains succinctly, and also operators must now be bonded in order to drill unlike the old wildcatters.

  4. Beware the wrath of the environmentalists… to include Obama. Also, I think it’d be fair to cut government subsidies to the industries now..

  5. The technological transformation is impressive.
    How long do these “tight oil” wells produce? The pace of new well drilling seems to drive the booms in TX and ND.

    1. The Permian Basis has been pumping oil since the First World War. In addition to the fields in East Texas, these wells provided most of the oil used by the Allied Fleets during WWII. And they still provide oil.
      A new formation, about twice as deep as the Permian (5000ft approx) is now coming into play. It covers more area (more sq. miles) and the formations in some areas are 1000 ft thick. The potential there exceeds that of the Permian. FYI

  6. It’s awesome to be a resident of the Great State of Texas. I am also fortunate to be employed by a great company that supports energy production throughout the state and the world.

    If I have a concern, it’s that I am old enough to remember the oil boom / bust of the 1980’s. As a high school grad being courted by a couple of different university’s engineering programs, I was amazed by how rosy the future looked as someone considering study of Petroleum Engineering, and how dingy that future turned, seemingly on a dime. Luckily for me, I chose mechanical engineering instead.

    The point is, no matter how grand things look, have a flexible plan, or at least a couple of “Plan-B’s”.

  7. aeroguy48

    From the year 2003 to now, the chart looks like the dreaded hockey stick of global warming. Oh wait the handle is the upside! Dumb me I get confused easily.

  8. Peter Orilia

    The Oil Boom is real and is creating “New-Oil Millionaires”

    I entered into a Limited Partnership with a privately held Texas oil and gas company startup for a working percentage of .01125. My ROI on my $15,000 investment should be realized within 7-8 months. Monthly payouts will average $2,000.

    This is the best investment of my life. I can look forward to decades if not scores of residuals.

  9. jesus eduardo molinares paramo

    excelente investigación y que buena noticia hijo

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