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  1. how much sulfate aerosol would you need to spray to counteract the total anthopogenic emissions of CO2, methane and N2O?

    and how much would it cost to do this spraying?

    1. This pseudo science has been debunked many times over.
      CO2 has been much higher on this planet. One has to go back more than 50 years of course.
      Here is a challenge
      for the “believers”. Look up limestone. Spend some time
      thinking about why there is so much of it in the mt ranges
      on the planet. It is even the top layer on Everest. It is formed in the oceans from atmospheric CO2. Golly! That must mean that there was an awful lot of CO2 in the last few million years. Discover why Greenland was named.
      Also consider the benefits of CO2. One might inform oneself about the amount of CO2 that volcanoes spew into the atmosphere each year. Anyone who does this just might have 2nd thoughts about the transfer of wealth to the backers of this scam.
      Algore comes to mind. Hansen??
      It never cost anything to question why someone wants another to drink some koolade.

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