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  1. The published reports are false anyway, to assume that the nation gets honest number is absurd. The first thing the cross dressing Emmanuel did when he became “chief of staff” was to remove the numbers from Commerce, for that reason Senator Gregg (N.H) refused to join the cabinet, knowing this outlaw crowd was going to falsify all data, which they did.

  2. I’d be interested to see the composition-adjusted labor force applied to U6, which has declined more steeply from its high (17.4% to 13.7%, a difference of 3.7%) than U3 has (10.1% to 7.3%, a difference of 2.8%).

    Disproportionate increases in part-time employment probably account for most of the discrepancy, but I wonder how much U6 would decline if you changed the “marginally attached” classification from people having looked for work in the past 12 months to people under 65 who’ve looked for work in, say, the last 60 months.

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