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  1. Seattle Sam

    Yes, you got that right. Diversity doesn’t mean what Websters says it does. Diversity is the presence of lots of the “right” groups. Too many white males is not right. Too many women or blacks is right. And as Curtis Purington pointed out above, diversity clearly doesn’t extend to viewpoints or thinking. That’s because you clearly benefit by sitting next to or being taught by a diverse group of skin colors. You don’t benefit by sitting next to or being taught by people whose viewpoints are actually diverse.

    1. “Too many white males is not right.”

      Ditto with Asians.

  2. Sprewell

    I’m guessing their rationale would be that minorities and women are historically oppressed groups in the US. Therefore, if a minority now dominates the NBA, that must be the result of competition, ie the blacks are just better, whereas if white males still dominate journalism, that’s probably the result of the old boy’s club still raging along. There is some logic to such inferences, certainly one can’t argue that blacks are conspiring to dominate the NBA or NFL when the majority of executives in those sports, the ones who hire the athletes, are white. The journalism conclusion is harder, as it’s certainly possible that white males are either better at or just happen to congregate in journalism more, just as 80% of education majors are women. It’s probably a mix of those benign reasons and perhaps some discrimination, as a majority of journalism majors these days are probably female, yet the profession is still dominated by males. With the upcoming death of all the newspapers and the rise of blogs these days, I suspect that imbalance will be corrected soon.

  3. Alan J.

    I think you nailed it.

  4. The Institute for Diversity and Ethics Over Representation of Minorities and Women In Sports

  5. Krishnan

    “Diversity is whatever we say it is. NBA Players? No problem – the composition of the team is a reflection of pure meritocracy. The NBA front offices and elsewhere? The fact that it does not have the same composition as that of the players is evidence of racism. Anywhere there is disparate representation – it is evidence of racism – except when we say it is not”

  6. Wow so 4 men: 2 black males, a jewish male and potentially another jewish male stands in authority to judge grades for diversity. This type of blatant hypocrisy should destroy any credibility.

  7. Prof Perry asked :

    Did I get that right?

    Yes, you got that right. Why are you still expecting them to have a problem with being hypocritical?

    You seem to think they care about fairness. When will you learn that they do not?

  8. Bob Smith

    “one can’t argue that blacks are conspiring to dominate the NBA or NFL when the majority of executives in those sports, the ones who hire the athletes, are white”

    True, but there still is the assumption that white players can’t play. That infects football too, in most positions. There have been interviews where white players have said they were told straight up they weren’t going to be hired. Were such motives used to not hire blacks, it would be evidence of illegal discrimination.

    Those attitudes can be a great resource for your team, if you’re willing to avoid them. Look at how good the New England Patriots have been for years now, by picking up discarded white players from other teams and forging them into a perennial super bowl contender. Naturally, they are derided as an allegedly racist team.

  9. Benjamin Cole

    And how many Asian female refs are there in the NBA? Should they not get an “F” in this regard?

    Really, this is too silly to warrant comment.

    I hate racism, or religious hatred, or sexism (including bashing white males).

    The NBA also discriminates against short white women, btw. Not a one on the courts.

  10. So should the US prison population get an A rating since 64% of that population is non-white?

    1. Che is dead


      1. morganovich

        well played sir.

  11. juandos
  12. So according to this logic, the NAACP is the most diverse group EVAH!

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