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  1. chris whited

    At first I thought the media will use this, but then I thought, how do they explain some great “RECOVERY!” rate, then the next quarter have to explain why it crashed back down again. But then again it didn’t stop biden, with his “summer of recovery” after Christina Romer in a hearing on camera said ……….isn’t going to happen, we’ve seen all the affect we’re going to see with “stimulus”.

  2. Charlie

    ” The GDP will be larger in a statistical sense, but not any healthier. Think of the revision as analogous to measuring something with a ruler denominated in meters as opposed to yards. The unit of measurement is different, but the object being measured is not any different.”

    Try this. When you measure your home lot, you can measure to the street right-of-way, the edge of the paved street or to the centerline of the road. Its still the same lot and but you can say your lot is bigger.

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