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  1. Adding more cheap labor through central american immigration only solution imho / Boner’d

    Before the great recession we were in a massive credit bubble with resources poorly allocated as a result.

    That bubble inflated (heh) your “equilibrium” number. Who knows what the right number for basis should be, but it damn sure isn’t 122M.

  2. Benjamin Cole

    Excellent blogging. We see PCE deflator under 1 percent and falling and stagnant job creation. The answer? The Fed says “taper.”

  3. looks like full time have been increasing since ACA was enacted, though..

    1. mesa econoguy

      Which means nothing, without prior increase rate comparison, though…

      1. Yeah, but the “job lock” conundrum is being remedied so who cares? The Obama admin just declared its inhumane to be “trapped in a job.”

    2. I’ve been working less, but spreading more peanut butter per sandwich since ACA was enacted. Coincidence?

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