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  1. [email protected]

    Romney should be ready to respond about this study tomorrow. If 6 in 10 would face higher costs, that means 6 in 10 could be guaranteed the same level of Medicare benefits for a lesser cost. There are almost 50 million people in Medicare today. That means we could lower the government’s cost of Medicare insurance for nearly 30 million people, today, by going to Romney’s plan.

    Might people have to change plans? Sure. Should the government pay more than is necessary for coverage? No. Is it about time that we grow up as a nation and take responsibility for our long term debt? Yup.

  2. [email protected]

    A slight change. Because of pension coverage, the actual number of people for whom the government could save money is probably closer to 20 million, not 30 million.

  3. Not Likely

    Does it ever get tiring just lying all day James?

    1. How about your bizzare bizzare posture, doesn’t that get tiring?

  4. Arnold Ziffel

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