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  1. Common Core is a disaster in the making, and will fail regardless of how much $ is thrown at it. One would think that math is math, but the new CC related math places more emphasis upon following and describing a time consuming, convoluted method of coming up with answers than with actually getting the answer right. All because “rote memory” is bad.

    CC introduces subjects to students to early for their intellectual development, and does not tax older students enough. Pushing students too early, beyone their readiness is almost certain to turn children off to school altogether.

    CC regiments teachers, disallows innovation, and essentiall makes education “teacher proof.” Likely the most independent minded, and innovative, and best teachers will likely leave early, which is already happening. THis will leave the least talented, most passive and least competent teachers.

    The data base associated with CC is an atrocity, it is invasive, undermines privacy, and could be used to punish political dissidents, just as the current administration is doing by way of the NSA/IRS/media inimidation scandals extant now. There are more than 400 data points on the current model, but this could easily be expanded to 4000.

    The new science standards are a fraud, heavily dependent upon the global warming myth.

    Rather than arguing about implementing these standards, we ought to recognize them as the slow moving train wreck they are, and pitch the whole works in the garbage. AND beware that the academic establishment will attemp to implement them piecemeal and/or under another name, just as they have with past reforms. Speaking of which, how successful were all those past reforms? NOT AT ALL. so why should we trust them now?

  2. Our state cannot afford common core. It raises the cost of testing and the budgets are already busting because of mandatory teacher salary raises and employee benefits. Even if the standards are higher, we shouldn’t need a national body telling every teacher how to teach what should already be in schools. We are not lemmings, everyone is different, has different IQs and different fortes. Not everyone can be or wants to be a rocket scientist. Funny how this propagandist tries to appeal to conservatives.

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